Microsoft Cloud

You shouldn't ask yourself whether you should migration to Office 365 and Azure,but ask yourself why you did not make the move yet? In 2018 , more than 150 commercial clients are being more productive every day with Office 365 and Azure. Akilon can help you in your journey to smoothly migrate to the cloud.


Office 365

Office 365 gives you access to the best productivity tool out there that you already know and already used.

Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Onedrive for Business, PowerBI, all of then available without any infrastructure in your enterprise.

Would like to have a hybrid approach?

Hybrid approach gives you best of both worlds. A part of your infrastructure within your own datacentre and some workload part of Office 365 or Azure.



Ever thought on managing all your devices (including laptop, desktop, mobile ) from one Web console without any infrastructure. Intune can help you achieve this, whether you have windows 10, Ipad, Mac, Iphone, Android.

Microsoft Intune is a 100% cloud solution for your Enterprise. You will benefit from a simple platform to manage and won't require a full-time admin. With Intune, your IT staff will finally be able to manage all your corporate and even Windows 10, all from a single web portal.

Whether you want to secure your mobile device with specific corporate policy , or want to embrace BYOD or COYD. Meet compliance and data security requirements with best practice security, patching and baseline configuration tools to ensure the health and compliance of your environment.



Are you looking for a simple, cost effective, on-demand solution to deploy your services and infrastructure? Look no further, Azure is just right there and ready for you.

Tired of paying big bucks to support and maintain local infrastructure? Think Azure. And with the end of life support for Windows Server 2008 coming up, maybe it is a good time to look at what Azure can offer you.

Whether you want to deploy web services, Remote Access (RDS) Azure Site recovery, Azure backup or whatever other infrastructure, Azure is your best friend that will provide you with a low cost and on-demand solution.

Consultation & Service offer

Office 365 is not meant for everyone and every enterprise. Akilon can help you define the pros and cons about Office 365 to make sure that Office 365 is right for you.

Assessment and help regarding your Office 365 or Azure deployment.

Cost and effort analysis

Onedrive for Business implementation

Office 365 workshop

Migration of your current MDM solution ot Intune

Microsoft Cloud

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